If You Build it, Will they Come?

Published on Aug 28, 2017

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If You Build it, Will they Come?

Building the Basic Marketing Plan for your Veterans Law Practice.

Business Webinar Series

  • Part 1: How to Add a Veterans Law Practice to Your Existing Law Firm
  • Part 2: Plan for Profit: How to Build a Viable Veterans Law Practice
  • Part 3: Build For Success: Three Tools to Improve Cash-Flow in Your VA Practice
  • Part 4: Managing your Growing Practice: Building the Basic Marketing Plan
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Do you hear the Siren's Song?

Top Lawyer Marketing Mistakes

  • Field of Dreams
  • Augustus Gloop
  • New York Yankees
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The BEST Approach to Legal Marketing?

The Lee Marvin Approach.

What is Marketing?

What makes your firm...your service.... UNIQUE?

This is your "Brand".

2 Goals of Marketing

Awareness & Leads

What is a Brand?

What is Your VISION?

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When do you START Marketing?

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The Simple Answer:

When you have something of value to offer.
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Monetary Metrics:

  • Reliable Revenue Stream
  • Value of 1 Case/Client
  • Profit Margins

Time Metrics

  • Time to Commit to Marketing?
  • Time to Commit to Overseeing Marketers.

DIY or Hire?

Align your marketing plan...

...with your Firm's Vision.
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Remember Defining your Vision?

  • In 2017 my firm will _____
  • I need ____ cases with a value of ______ to fulfill this goal.
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The 6 Steps of the Basic Marketing Plan

  • Define cases: what types of work?
  • Define Market: What client has case?
  • Research the Market: Where are clients?
  • Build your Campaign: What platform to reach market?
  • Define the Funnel: 3-5 steps to get from "campaign" to "docket"
  • Measure
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Step 1: Define the UNIQUE work you will do

  • Particular era Veteran?
  • Medical conditions?
  • Claim types or phase?
  • Geographic focus?
  • 5 Cases You liked most, and 5 you liked least: what's the pattern?
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Step 2: Define the Market

  • What type of client has that case?
  • Describe the ideal client?

Step 3: Research the Market

  • How old? Family Size? Where do they live?
  • Leisure activities? TV? Books? Weekend? Weeknights?
  • Websites? Newspapers? Magazines?
  • Where do they work? Income?

Step 3: Research the Market

What if you don't know?
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Piggy-Back or Co-Brand: complementary but non-competing services.

Step 4: Build the Campaign

  • Where will you collect leads? (Website, phone, email, etc)
  • What platforms do you need to take leads from where you find them (market research) to where you want them (docket)
  • Print ads, internet ads, direct mail, social media, webinars, blogs, attend events
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Step 5: Marketing Pipeline

Steps that your Prospect will Take
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Pipeline or Funnel

  • # of "touches" to build trust
  • Stages of Purchase: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Close
  • Capture incremental data
  • A...B...Q (Always Be Qualifying)
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Example: Online Lead Generation

  • Ad for a free eBook (in exchange for email)
  • Email blog posts
  • Consultation
  • Offer
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Step 6: Measure

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Key Metrics

  • Raw $ Cost Per Lead
  • Funnel Ratios/Drop-outs
  • Did Client Match Ideal?
  • Cost per Client
  • % of Margin
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Vision Part 1:

2017 is the year Attig | Steel will build a robust Court practice.

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Vision Part 2:

I need 3 court cases per month to learn the metrics of this type of practice.

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Marketing Step 1:

I am looking for cases that have the potential to raise specific constitutional and statutory issues.

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Marketing Step 2:

The market I am looking for are Veterans with recent BVA Decisions.

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Marketing Step 3:

I don't know where to efficiently find this market. (Co-branding and piggy-backing)

Marketing Step 4:

Campaign to reach out to different firms.

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Marketing Step 5:

Receive Decision
Get Permission (Awareness)
Offer Consultation (Interest)
Conduct Consultation (Desire)
Offer (Close)

Marketing Step 5:

Receive Decision
Get Permission (Awareness)
Offer Consultation (Interest)
Conduct Consultation (Desire)
Offer (Close)

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Marketing Step 6:

Key metric: client interviews to paint a picture of who our client is and how we could have found them.

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