Leadership Up & Across

Published on Nov 05, 2018

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Leadership Up & Across

Three Critical Ways to Influence 
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Leadership Up

Take Inventory

  • Are you meeting expectations?
  • Does your leadership trust you?
  • Do you see & understand your leadership as people?
  • Do you understand your leadership as managers?
  • Can you identify your leadership's strengths?
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Take Inventory

  • Are you clear about what you need & expect?
  • Have you discussed with your leadership on your own growth, development & aspirations?
  • Do you and your leadership come from different cultures/backgrounds?
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Steps for Presenting Problems/Opportunities

To Your Leadership 
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A Way to Win in Presenting Problems

  • Describe the Problem in 3-5 sentences. (let them ask more questions).
  • Identify your solution or approach.
  • Explain the implications.
  • Discuss the benefits.
  • Accept responsibility for the outcome.
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Checklist for Leading Up

AKA: "Checklist for Managing Your Boss" 
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Yourself First

  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Personal Style of Communication
  • Predisposition towards dependence on authority figures

Seek to Understand Leadership

  • Goals & Objectives (what is important to them)
  • Pressures they experience
  • Strengths, weakness, & blindspots
  • Preferred work & communication style
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Develop & Maintain

  • Fits both your needs & styles
  • Shared Mutual Expectations
  • Keep your boss informed
  • Based on Dependability & Honesty
  • Selectively use your boss' time & resources
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Leadership Across

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Get Your Colleagues' Attention

Leadership Across 

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You as a New Leader

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Throw Away the Myths

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Common Leadership Myths

  • Now I will have the freedom to implement my ideas.
  • I will finally be on "top".
  • I must get compliance from those that report to me.
  • My role is to be friends with "them".
  • My job is to make everything run smoothly.
  • I have to do this alone.
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Core Values

Your Leadership Character 
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What comes up from the mud?

  • Character
  • Competence or Capabilities
  • Influence
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Q & A

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