LEPSS: Study Strategies and Tips for Exams

Published on Jan 07, 2020

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Study Strategies:
Preparing for Exams

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10 Tips for Success!

The Exam Review


  • Pay attention to your teachers' review lessons
  • Do ALL of the review questions
  • Go to EVERY class before the exam
  • Ask questions; go for extra help

Make Study Notes


  • Make sure you have all of the class notes
  • Organize notes according to unit/topic
  • Make your own study notes (re-type, write them out, use organizers)
  • Review past assignments and tests
  • Know your learning style (auditory, kinesthetic, visual)

Use Study Methods that Work for Your Learning Style

Tips: Visual Learners

  • Make visual connections between ideas
  • Start with general themes in a chart , then add details
  • Colour code
  • Use mind maps, vocabulary lists, concept maps, timelines

Tips: Auditory Learners

  • Record your study notes and play them back
  • Use Google Read and Write to listen to text/ notes
  • Watch/listen to videos that your teacher has suggested
  • Teach each other concepts

Tips: Kinesthetic Learners

  • Place stations around your room according to unit/topic and add sticky notes or cue cards to each station

Study with a Buddy

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Study Groups

  • Choose students who have good notes and who can focus
  • Make quizzes for each other based on topics
  • Explain concepts to one another
  • Choose a quiet space without distractions
  • We remember more of what we talk about with others (versus just reading or re-reading)

Time Management

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Create a Study Schedule

  • Don't wait until the last minute (don't cram!)
  • Write down your exam schedule and backwards plan your study sessions
  • Make a calendar for the exam month and follow it


Brain Food

  • Choose healthy snacks for study sessions
  • Eat a healthy breakfast before the exam
  • Protein, antioxidant rich foods and water are essential


Rest is Essential

  • Do not stay up all night
  • Get uninterrupted sleep before your exam (no phones!)
  • Set your alarm so that you are EARLY for your exam

Study Tools

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Things You Might Use

  • Sticky notes
  • Highlighters
  • Chart paper
  • Cue cards
  • Graphic organizers (mind maps, etc.)
  • Google Read and Write

Exam Day

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What to Do

  • Double check the exam room location
  • Arrive 15 minutes early
  • Bring: pens/pencils, eraser, highlighter, math materials (if appropriate), water bottle
  • Don't bring: phone, earbuds, study notes, Smartwatches, food
  • You may leave the room after one hour has passed and after you have looked over your responses
  • You may not access your locker until after the exam session is over, so leave your belongings at the front of the exam room

Other Important Info

  • If you do not have an exam, you do not have to attend school that day
  • The cafeteria servery will be closed; Breakfast Club will be available
  • Buses will run on the regular schedule
  • Semester 2 begins on Monday, February 3rd
  • Lists will be posted to remind you of where your new homeroom will be

You Got This!

  • Being prepared will reduce stress
  • Attempt all questions
  • Do your best!

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