Managing Priorities

Published on May 16, 2019

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Managing Priorities

 With objectives and Key Results

Problem Statement

 Conflicting and unclear priorities

Prioritization Effort

 on MA&TC Leadership team level
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All the time?

How do we stop fire fighting


How do we create

Focus on what's important?

 How do we actually
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Standardize Prioritization

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 and Key results
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OKR Principles

into 3-5 objectives

 Break Priorities down
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3-5 key results

 every objective consists of
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SO: improve crse performance

  • Reduce TAT from 9 to 7 days
  • Raise OTD from 60 to 75%
  • Hold NPS at 8.0
  • Implement 6S
  • Implement OKRs

O: Implementation of 6s started

  • 6S implementation in LcSC evaluated
  • 6S implemented at Goods Receipt Dock
  • 6S implemented for "Fast Track"

weekly review

 Are we on course?
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quarterly review

 where do we go next?

priorities roll up and down

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 Know what everybody works on
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no more than 5!

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pilots in services

questions? thoughts?

 Do we want to standardize prioritization?