10 Steps to Every VA Claim

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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10 Steps to Every VA Claim

Step 1: File Your Claim.

Forget the "Fully Developed Claim"...learn how to REALLY Develop a Claim.
Click on this link to learn How to REALLY File and Develop a VA Claim:


(*link directs you to a training product on the Veterans Law Blog)

Step 2: Develop Your Claim.

Lay & Medical Evidence MUST work together.
Lay Evidence is the Magic Bullet in a VA Claim - Medical Evidence is the Rifle that fires it.

Learn more here:


Step 3: Review the Decision.

Diagnose the REASON you were Denied.
Diagnosing the problems in your VA Claim starts with understanding what is IN your VA Claims File.

Learn more here:


Step 4: File Your Appeal.

Don't Flush Money down the toilet and "request reconsideration".
One of the Greatest Myths of VA Claims is that you can request reconsideration at the VA Regional Office level.

It is not true. Find out WHY - and what to do instead - here:


Step 5: Request a DRO Conference.

There are 3 Ways to Win Your Claim at a DRO Conference.
There are 3 Ways to "Win" at a DRO Conference.

Find out what they are, here:


Step 6:  Request a BVA Hearing.

Filing the RIGHT Documents will Keep you off the "Road to Nowhere".
You can't get a BVA Hearing until you do 3 things:

1) File a Notice of Disagreement

2) Receive the VA Statement of Case

3) File Your VA Form 9

Learn more about this process here:


Step 7:  Prepare for your BVA Hearing.

There are 4 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW....
There are 4 Things You can do NOW to prepare for a BVA Hearing:


Step 8:  Present your Best Case at the BVA.

...and be prepared for the BVA Judge who wants to bully you.
There are MANY good BVA Judges.

But there is a good chance you'll get one of the bad apples.

Learn how to prepare NOW:


Step 9:  Prepare for What's Next.

...you have 3 options if the BVA denies your appeal.
If the BVA denies your appeal, here are 8 things you should know about the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims:


Step 10: Learn How to Improve Your Claim

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