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3 Zombie stories speakers should not use

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Presented as facts, unmasked as myths. Zombie stories are stories that professional speakers often present as true, without checking the facts


3 Popular stories

you should not use as a speaker, because they are zombie stories 
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3 Popular stories that became zombie stories: everone uses it, hardly no one checks the facts

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Zombie stories

  • People fear public speaking more than death
  • Goal setting is important, according to Yale Study 1953
  • If you want to change people, use Fear, Facts and Force
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Fear of public speaking

Zombie story 1

Fear of public speaking

  • Storyline: People fear public speaking more than they fear death
  • Used by: trainers who offer programs in public speaking 
  • Based upon survey done in April 1973 by Richard H. Bruskin and Associates.
  • Misconception: respondents (students) did not rank their fears 

Goal setting

Zombie story 2

2. Goal setting

  • Storyline: Setting goals has a positive effect on future financial success,
  • Used by: consultants, motivational speakers
  • Based upon: Yale Study 1953
  • Misconception: study never happened
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Change by fear, facts & force

Zombie story 3
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Fear, facts & force

  • Storyline: Strongest factors for human change are Fear, Facts and Force
  • Used by: consultants, advertisers, medical doctors
  • Misconception: Fear, Facts and Force have a short term effect
  • Sustainable change factors: Relate, Reframe, Repeat (Dean Ornish)
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