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4-8 Digital Citizenship & Student Email

Brief presentation on Digital Citizenship for Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools to use in your Gr.5-8 Classroom as an intro lesson.


Today's Outcomes

  • Intro to your email account.
  • Acceptable Use Policy(AUP)
  • Digital Citizenship
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Student's email account is found at http://gscsmail.gscs.sk.ca

Regular username and log in info.

It's a gscs email and is monitored as such. inappropriate content is flagged.

Not School Related

Why do we have a school email address? It is for school related activities. We won't use it to sign up for groupon.

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School Related

Our email address is for school related purposes.
ex. email assignments to your teacher.
-signing up for educational relevant websites.
-the expectation is that it is not abused.
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  • Include Subject Line
  • Identify Yourself
  • Be Concise
  • Check spelling, grammar
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Acceptable Use Policy

Have the school AUP avialable to review as you review the remaining slides.

encompasses all technology use at school; from using your phone at school to using your @gscs email account that travels with you everywhere.

the AUP’s are there to protect yourself, your classmates and the school/division so they will be strictly enforced. We’re going to go through the main points with you.

School use is not like home use. Legally any text you write (email, sms, word doc.), any images/video you take at school or school related function is part of your school record. A school record needs to be kept safe.

Your actions on the internet/email are monitored and records are kept for legal purposes. It is very important to keep things appropriate!

Use as directed by your teacher.

General Technology Use
Once again, remember that technology is here for school related purposes. Your teachers will have instructions for you: changing settings; tabbing to play games, listen to music, or multitasking will just interfere.
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Use care in handling.

General Technology Use
self explanatory

Be safe

appropriate language, pictures, & video

protect your privacy
use privacy settings as directed.
This is done to keep risk low in regards to personal information. Last names, personal details, address, and phone numbers should only be posted when directed

3 Big Questions

  • Erasability
  • Ownership
  • Accessability
And always ask yourself the 3 big questions.
1. Erasability - once your 'stuff' is on the internet, you may not be able to erase it. Are you ok with that?
2. Accessibility - no matter how 'private' you make it, your grandma might still see it!!
3. Ownership - technically you have copyright to anything you make. However, when you sign up for apps or web tools you may have waived your rights to ownership and/or usage rights. Are you ok with this?
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Be careful of what you are posting.

Do you have permission of these students to post their image? Your privacy and that of your classmates needs to be respected

Anything you do online or with a device must follow the rules of the school. You need to keep your language and anything you do with technology appropriate for school. If you don’t want your grandma to see it, don’t post it.

Personal Devices are included.

Personal Devices fall under the AUP’s
images, video, text created at school/functions are owned by the school.
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Digital Citizenship

  • be appropriate
  • be safe
  • be responsible
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Take this time to review the school AUP and co-create a classroom AUP with your students.
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