7 Product Design Rules that Work for People, Too Deep Nishar

Published on Nov 06, 2015

Advice on building a strong team, from LinkedIn's SVP for Products & User Experience Deep Nishar.


7 Product Design Rules that Work
for People, Too

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deep Nishar

SVP Products & User Experience, LinkedIn
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Know YOur audience

Rule 1

Really get to know your employees and team members.
What do they care about? What motivates them? What frustrates them?

develop a cadence for internal communication

  • Skip-level meetings
  • Town hall meetings
  • Meals with star performers
  • Team off-sites
  • On-boarding sessions for new hires
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share values and principles

that matter to you and the company.

ask big, open-ended questions

and listen carefully.
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Rule 2

it's more important to decide what to omit

than what to add.
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draw a clear mission for teams,

then step back to enable people to make day-to-day decisions.
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embrace constraints

Rule 3

Constraints on time, resources and attention spans can actually make us more creative and responsive to user needs.

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When it comes to leading people, you can unleash creativity by providing a few well-chosen constraints.

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data is your guide

Rule 4

Data is becoming increasingly relevant

for people managers.
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inputs for informed decisions

  • Social tools for collaboration and relationship-building
  • Periodic employee surveys
  • Employee-only networking groups
  • Track employee sentiment in measured, data-rich way
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innovation is not instant

Rule 5

effective leadership

takes time, tenacity, regular engagement with people you’re leading

Build an ongoing relationship of trust and authenticity, based on open and transparent communication and collaboration.

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This process of relationship-building takes more time, but those moments of the day are well-spent.

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be fast, flexible, & ready to adapt

Rule 6

It's best to be very open-minded when launching a product, so you can build in customer feedback and adapt as necessary.

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As leaders, we need to take the pulse of our teams regularly,


build for scale

Rule 7

To build a company that lasts, focus on establishing culture and values that are strong and flexible enough to endure changes.

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Hire people who are at least as focused on building amazing products as part of a team as they are on their own personal star trajectory.

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Investing in strong leadership skills can help create and sustain a culture of innovation...

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by empowering teams to make better decisions,

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take intelligent risks,

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and execute on a winning business strategy.

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