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Amani Presentation (FH-Jan2015)

Published on Mar 07, 2016

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Photo by Yoni Lerner

A Safe, Happy, Loving Home

Where you can sleep safely...

Where you can eat healthy again...

Where you can feel part of a loving family...

And where you can be a CHILD again !

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The Lives these Children come from...

With abject Poverty...

Begging on the Streets...

And... the Street Life they get into...

Collecting garbage...

Pushing Heavy Loads all day...

Sniffing Glue to feel better...

Trying to find Shelter for the Night...

Sleeping out on the Streets...

Welcome to Amani Children's Home...!

Medical care


Be Children Again


Back into Education

Skills Training

Feeling Proud and Appreciated

Getting Ready for the Future

Growing your Own, Healthy Food


Use ALL your Talents !

Grow to Amazing Heights

Create Beauty in your Life

Dance to Your Rhythm, and Enjoy

Invent & Create

Be Happy and Healthy again...

To be a Positive Member of the Community

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