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Architectural Literacy

Published on Nov 18, 2015

My presentation on the Thomas I. Storrs building on the campus of UNC Charlotte, NC.


Architectural Literacy

Photo by marcp_dmoz

Storrs is the building that houses the School of Architecture at UNCC. It is a practical space created for the study of and interaction with architecture.

Not many buildings on UNCC's campus can boast that they were designed by one of the New York Five. Charles Gwathmey and Robert Seigel conceived the Thomas I. Storrs Hall in the 1980s, and it was completed in 1990. 25 years after its opening, the building is still used today for the education of future architects and designers.

The events in Storrs are driven by the people who see architecture as more than just a major. From reviews to visiting architects, Storrs is the centre for understanding architecture and people.

For the observation part of my interviewing, I attempted to look at Storrs during various times and days. On its main days (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) Storrs is mainly used for the education of architecture students in the studios. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students from other majors come for classes. On Saturdays and Sundays, architecture students can be seen completing assignments and building models. Faculty offices are located not far from the studios, and there are many important labs located throughout the building.

To show what I've learned from studying this building, I wanted to create a diagrammatic model of Storrs. These kinds of models are not exact replicas, but convey complex ideas in simple ways.

The running joke as an architecture student is that in reality, you live in Storrs. This building was created to be a place to study the interactions between people and architecture, and a space to use for learning and creativity. Years after its completion, it continues to motivate students and faculty to pursue the study of the mother of the arts.