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Bailey Bands

Published on Aug 28, 2016

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Bailey MS


Why I teach music...

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About Ms. P.

  • Year 28 - Smith, Bradley and Bailey
  • UNC-Greensboro - Dr. Kohlenberg
  • National Board Certified Teacher

About Ms. P.

  • Main instrument = trombone
  • Also play guitar and piano as well as 14 band instruments
  • Played in jazz bands, concert bands, full orchestra, trombone choir, and marching band

Why band?

A Day/B Day
Get the calendar!
No excuses!

Coming to Class
If the door is shut, you are tardy unless you have a pass. Be in your seat with all of your materials ready to start the warm-up or you are tardy.

Band Storeroom
You may only handle your instrument. No horseplay.

On the days you have band...
Drop off your instrument before first block.

Take your instruments home (except percussion or large school-owned instruments).

6th - Pick up instruments at 4:10.
7th - Take with you to last block or come at 4:10.
8th - Pick up instruments at 4:10.


  • Leaving your instrument over night anywhere in the school
  • Being tardy
  • Touching equipment that does not belong to you or that you are not allowed to use
  • Horseplay in the hall, storeroom or band room
  • Not prepared for class
  • Not following class rules

Class Rules

Enter the room on time quietly and orderly.
Bring all of your materials daily (your agenda, pencil, band folder - which holds your sheet music, and theory book, method book, and instrument with accessories). Agendas need to be brought to every class.
Be in your seat with your materials ready before instruction begins.
Instruments (sticks/mallets) and music are to be taken home daily.

Stay in your seat unless you have permission to leave it.
Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking.
No food, drink, candy, mints, or gum allowed. Only bottled water that is clear is
allowed. (The band room is a NO GUM ZONE.)

Respect other people and property.
No other student is to handle your instrument and/or case.
Keep your instrument in concert position until instructed to play.

Bathroom Procedures

If no one has their name on the board, put your name and the time on the board and take the pass.
When you come back (no longer than 5 minutes), erase your name.

Band Room Procedures

You may put your papers/homework in the drawer at the designated time.

You may set up your chair and music stand when you arrive. Treat the furniture respectfully.

If it is not your property, leave it alone including Ms. P.'s stuff.

Percussionists need to set up and put everything away for the section.


Practicing is an expectation. Rehearsal = re-hears-all. Learn your parts at home so you can learn how all parts fit together in class.

150 minutes per week
Complete practice log 1 of 2 ways. Assignments are posted on the band web site.

Forms Due ASAP

Forms Due ASAP

  • Concert Uniform Slip
  • Musical Instrument Disclaimer
  • Band Handbook Form

Performing Band
Jazz Band

Honors Band