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Ballistics expert

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Ballistics expert

By: Ben Lemke

Job Description:
Ballistic Expert study weapons and the function of the weapons. They study usually study the bullets that come out of the weapon. They can identify the weapon used, the angle that the bullet came from, how bullets came out, and the type of bullet.

Annual Salary

Training to Become a Ballistic Expert Can Include:
1. Ammunition
2. Crime scene search
3. Evidence handling
4. Expert witness testimony training
5. Fields of law
6. Firearms assembly/disassembly
7. Firearms identification
8. Gunpowder and primer residue
9. Microscopy
10. Wound ballistics

Where to Go to Study:
American Public University
37% of students received financial aid averaging $5,222 per student.
Students can get a masters degree in marketing, computer programming, general education, and technology education.

Cost and Length for Education (4 Years):

Net Price: $8,727
In-State Tuition: $6,000
In-State Fees: $400
Out-of-State Tuition: $6,000
Out-of-State Fees: $400
Books: $0

Technology Used:

A full suite of equipment includes several different kinds of microscopes, including stereo and comparison, with digital imaging capability. Using these, they can identify physical features in bullets.

Potential Employers:

Mostly, you are required to have a bachelor's degree science or criminology. Some might need to know their way around a lab and crime scene, and know how operate science related machinery/tools.

Relation to the some of the 4 units of science:

The study of Ballistics relates to chemistry because they examine gunshot residue and it relates to physics because they examine the angle of trajectory and speed of bullets.

Exciting Reasons to become a Ballistics Expert:

If you like crime investigation, guns, bullets, and physics, you should might consider being a ballistics expert. It pays well and you might find it interesting with all the guns and bullets. If crime ever goes up i the future, then a ballistics expert will be well wanted