Bank Talks: Create a Win Win

Published on Apr 26, 2019

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Bank Talks

 Creating a Win for All

“According to a CPP study (2008), 85% of employees have to deal with conflict to some degree and 29% do so “always” or “frequently.”

Of that 85 %, 25% of employees said that avoiding conflict led to sickness or absence from work”

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Conflict ...

  • Is Common
  • Brings Vibrancy
  • Helps to Think Differently
  • Can Lead to Negative Outcomes
  • Can be Healthy
  • Can Create Productive, Effective and Creative Teams
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NOTE: Some sources of conflict aren't productive or
- jealousy
- personality conficts
- office politics

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Interest-Based Relational Approach

 Creating a Win for All
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Using the Interest-Based Relational Approach

  • First Priority: Protect the Relationship
  • See the Person & the Problem Separately
  • Listen First. Talk Second.
  • Pay Attention to Other Person's Interest
  • Explore Options Together
  • Set out the "Facts"
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5 Core Steps

 IBR Approach - Creating the Win

1. Set the Scene

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2. Gather Information

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3. Agree the Problem


4. Brainstorm Possible Solutions

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5. Negotiate a Solution (Win-Win)

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Initiator or Receiver

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  • Goal: Maintain Ownership
  • Identify the Cause
  • Describe the Issue
  • Avoid Making Assumptions
  • Clarify & Ask for Understanding
  • Focus on One Issue at a Time
  • Look for Common Ground
  • Confirm Commitment & Take Action
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as an Initiator

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Stages to Your Win-Win

  • Separate People from the Problem
  • Focus on Interests, Not Positions
  • Invent Options for Mutual Gain
  • Use Objective Criteria
  • Know Your BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)
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  • Goal: Show Concern & Genuine Interest
  • Empathetic Response
  • Seek More Information
  • Find Something You Can Agree With
  • Ask for Suggestions
  • Verify Understanding & Check Their's
  • Confirm Commitment & Take Action
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How NOT to Get Defensive

  • Write it down
  • Slow down & breathe
  • Ask if it could be true
  • Reframe what you hear
  • Be mindful of body language
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Let's Do This!

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 Scenario 1: Sales Manager - Technology Supplier

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 Scenario 2: Manager - Auditing Team

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Consider & Apply It

  • How do you handle conflict?
  • Are you able to adapt your strategy to the situation you are facing?
  • Are you more often a conflict initiator or receiver? Why do you think this is?
  • What specific conflict management skills do you need to develop? How will you do that?
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