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Britney Le

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Britney Le

  • My name means Celtic Bretons emigrated from France to become the Bretons of England. It originated from France.
  • My last name means royal and it originated from Asia.
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My Hobbies

  • Tennis
  • Photography
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Since my family is Vietnamese, our culture consists of different Vietnamese foods such as Pho, which is a rice noodle soup dish. Our religion is Buddhism. Our language is Vietnamese and we dress up the same everyday but we only dress up in silk dresses called ao dais on special occasions such as Lunar New Year.

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Some special memories I had from Bell was when I first came here, everyone was so nice and so friendly to me, even though I as the new kid and I came in the middle of the year. So my favorite memory was my first day at Bell.

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Advice To Scrubbies

  • Always do your work.
  • Remember to always study for upcoming tests.
  • There is no late work accepted.
  • If teachers are being hard on you, remember they're only preparing you for high school.
  • Teachers will treat you like you're in high school.
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My future plans are to graduate from UCI and go to medical school to become a pharmacist or pediatrician. Then have a nice family and live my life from there.