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  • My article is about how the United States in easing the trading restrictions that were set on Cuba. “The United States eased a number of trade restrictions with Cuba’s communist government on Tuesday, in President Barack Obama’s latest attempt to bypass the US Congress’s economic embargo on the island”.


  • Pros-
  • More supplies from Cuba
  • More money
  • There are lots of supplies And material in Cuba that the Us doesn't have
  • Cons
  • Communist country
  • No trust
  • Weapons and drugs
  • Loss of buissness in America


  • President Obama has urged Congress to lift a Cold War-era embargo that bans most trade between US companies and the communist-run island. [Only Congress can end the five-decade embargo.] Congress has ignored his pleas, but over the past year the Obama administration has announced several measures to encourage trade and a normalization of relations between the two long-time foes. [Although most U.S. trade with Cuba remains banned under the economic embargo, President Obama has been using executive authority to allow commerce that is not specifically banned by Congress.] Ethically I also believe we should move on from the Cold War era and try negotiating with the Cubans.


  • The embargo has been in place since 1960 and remains a contentious issue in relations between Cuba and the US. President Raul Castro said at the UN General Assembly in September that now that diplomatic ties were back in place, the overall normalization of relations “will only be achieved with the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba.”
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