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Burning Bright

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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R is for renew.
In montags life he leaves his old life as a fireman behind. Everything he was he left in the fire. His life was renewed in the river. Society was also renewed. When the bomb destroyed the city it ended what was and would be something new. A new society would come, a society with a realization of what happiness is.

S is for season.
Like the book of Ecclesiastes says there is a season for every activity under the sun. Montag is the book of Ecclesiastes. He remembers this book now knowing that there is a time for war and a time for peace. The war inside him happened so he could be part of bringing back books. The actual war happened so the society could be renewed. After the war there will be peace and with the peace real happiness.

T is for truth.
The society believes and feeds off of the lies that the world tells them. While montag Pursues the truth he is again and again confronted with problems. The government stands in the middle of montags path. Although slowed down montag continues on his search for truth. Eventually meeting up with the hobos who then help him continue to pursue the truth. In his search he sees just how many lies the people are believing.

U is for unknown.
The " hobos" were unknown. Being outcast from society from their knowledge of books. The hobos were books and books were them. Being book burners for fear of being found they just memorized the books. Now the ones like montag were "dead" society had killed them. Montags big man hunt had killed his identity. Montag was no more, he was unknown.

V is for vengeance.
Upset that Beatty had twisted his words and his he tricked him montag killed him in revenge. The mechanical hound then was released on montag to revenge Beattys death. In defense montag then killed the hound. To revenge Beatty and the hound as well as to put on a show in the process they released another hound and follow it on camera. In the process of revenge they lost two to death.

W is for wonder.
Many people nowadays would say that nature is a wonder. However, in montags day the parlor walls are a wonder. When montag was chased out of the city he found wonder in the river. He felt relaxed in the river. When he climbed out of the river he faced nature and it's wonder again meeting face to face with a deer. He also found wonder in the fire. This fire was a fire used for warmth and a sign of healing. As montag joined in with the rest of the book burners he w
Felt a sense of peace and awe a sense of wonder being part of this group of men.

Photo by Ian Sane

X is for x-ray.
Grangers plan is to build a mirror factory. The reasoning behind this is so that the people will see into themselves. Much like an x-ray is needed to see the brokenness inside the body. The mirrors is needed to see the brokenness within the society. The people need the mirrors so they see their arrogance, the hope and happiness they really find have.

Y is for yikes!
When montag sat down and watched his own man hunt he was probably thinking yikes. He had murder and crimes against the state. This would not look good in his records. Oh wait, the mechanical hound is on him. There will be no records of montag. After destroying one mechanical hound they shipped another one in and sent this one on montag. Now, montag is in the river. Yikes! The government now has no way to end this man hunt. Oh well, I guess this poor man with insomnia will pass, and "montag" is killed! Yikes, this society has entertainment valued far too high to be anywhere near healthy.

Z is for zoo.
Just like people go to the zoo for entertainment the government made entertainment out of the man hunt with montag. More focused on the entertainment of the people they never even caught montag and killed an innocent man. This just goes to prove that when your focus is not on the right things you never reach you goal and you settle for good enough.