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Campus Edge

Published on Mar 03, 2016

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Campus Edge

Be in the know on your campus

Campus Edge

  • Campus Map
  • Event Calendar
  • Check-in
  • Reminders/Notifcations
  • Messaging
  • Translate
Event Calendar will be for each school (Meadows, Cox, Lyle, etc.) and any organization that decides to join. Check-in will be automatic. You can set reminders and receive notifications for organizations you're apart of. There will be a log in and you can comment on posts or message the admin of each group to express questions.

Campus who?

  • Basic
  • Efficient
  • Essential

Audience & Partners

  • College Students (11,000)
  • Professors (700)
  • Academic Departments (7)
  • Campus Organizations (200+)
This app will be tailored to each individual college student. They can favorite an organization which means they will start receiving notifications for meetings & events. Professors will receive a attendance log of all check ins.


Email blast from Senate once it launches; will also be featured on SMU Senate website; published in the DC; blog post in the Senate Skimm & word of mouth

Costs & Revenue

Development: $1000-$2500.

App cost for students: $0.99
Cost for schools: