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Career Prep & Culture Course

Published on Nov 23, 2015

FSI Career Prep and Culture Course


FSI's ESL Career Prep & Culture Course

Designers: Shakila Anwari, Laura Morgan & William Wick

Course Objectives: At Work

  • Describe one's job
  • Respond to interruption and criticism
  • Make and respond to suggestions
  • Ask for and give clarification and verification
  • Ask for and give directions
  • Report problems or progress
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Course Objectives: Social & Cultural

  • Greet coworkers politely
  • Engage in "small talk" appropriate for the U.S.
  • Accept and decline invitations
  • Interpret colloquial American English
  • Analyze elements of American culture
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Grading Components

Daily at-Home Preparation

  • Audio recordings
  • Video recordings
  • Student conversation recordings
  • Upload to SharePoint

Weekly At-home Preparation: Podcasts

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Classroom Participation

  • Drill and Practice
  • Class Discussions
  • Case Studies
  • Role Playing
  • Job Aids
  • Friday Field Trips

Job Duties Interview

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Group Project: Field Trip Coordination

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Sample 15-minute weekly quiz

  • Part I: Written fill-in-the-blank conversation
  • Part II: Written case study of miscommunication
  • Part III: Oral Analysis of weekly podcast


Case Study

SUMMARY - Students will be successful with...

Questions, Comments, Recommendations?

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