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Che cos'è Haiku Deck?

Published on Mar 16, 2016

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Travelling is good

Travelling is the best way to enjoy life and know something different from your routines.

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Expand your mind

Travelling is the best way of breaking up the monotony for a while, giving to your life an injection of excitement

Get to know yourself

Travelling can be great for self discovery, facing your fears and realizing your hidden potential

Change your Perspective

Seeing the world for yourself will improve your vision and your knowledge on reality

Reduce your stress

Travelling can take away all the stress from your life

Reconnect to your partner

Travelling can give you a completely new feel to your relationship and increase it more

Be more active
Most travelling has
an element of sightseeing,
walking, hiking,
or water sports.

Eat new foods

Travelling is the most important way to taste a variety of food

Meet new people
Make new friends

They leave a positive impact on your personality

Experience new cultures

You will start accepting
the different cultures
and people instead of criticizing them

I hope
I have given you
enough reasons
to pick up your luggage
and go travelling!