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Christmas in Spain

Published on Nov 01, 2016

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this is about spain btw not croatia

but I have this picture because I presented this and needed this photo for that

Christmas Special

Christmas in Spain

  • Lottery
  • Midnight Mass
  • Street celebrations

Dia de los Santos innocentes

  • Like April Fools' Day
  • Silly stories
  • Remember the babies that died
  • Stick paper cut outs of little men to people's backs

New Year's eve

  • Nochevieja
  • Eat 12 grapes at midnight for good luck the next year


  • 6th January
  • Fiesta de Los tres Reyes Mages,which means festival of the three kings
  • Leave out shoes to be filled with presents

Christmas in the Basque country

  • Part of Northern Spain and Southern France
  • Presents are delivered by a magical man called Olentzero

Christmas in Catalonia

  • Christmas character called Tio de Nadal, a log propped up on two legs with a face
  • Nativity scenes and plays

Weather in Spain at Christmas

  • Winter at this time and very cold
  • 12-13 degrees is the average daytime temperature for coastal areas
  • Around 6 degrees for inland areas


  • Big meal on Christmas eve
  • Lobster and a roast are common
  • Also soup and cheeses hams and more

These cupcakes

  • Magdalens
  • Made with eggs, sugar, butter, flour, baking powder, lemon, vanilla extract and milk
  • Very yummy!!