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Church Blueprint

Published on Nov 21, 2015

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An Abbreviated Blue Print...

The Owner wants to make a profit. By providing a service and a product, the primary goal is to generate income.

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If you were to get a job at a restaurant, you would be hired to help the business earn a profit. That would be the general goal, toward which, you would be aiming.

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You would do this by helping to produce customer satisfaction, so patrons would return and spend money there.

In doing this, you would earn an income as well, which is your personal motivation for working there in the first place.

You would fill a position, as part of a team, with all working together, enabling the operation to run smoothly, as every part does its share, causing the business to prosper.

You might be...
a host/hostess, greeting people, providing accurate wait times, seating people, preparing silverware, issuing menus...etc

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A server...taking orders, serving food, providing friendly service, ensuring proper food times, selling add-ons...etc.

A busboy...cleaning tables, assisting servers, ensuring the smooth "turning of tables"...etc.

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A bartender...serving various alcoholic beverages/drinks...etc.

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A manager (front/back of house), GM...overseeing respective domain [checking on guests, conflict res., ordering supplies, maint. profit margins...etc]

A prep cook...preparing ingredients for cooks, making sauces, measuring various ingredient mixtures...etc.

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Appetizer cook...cooking appetizers, bread...etc.

A general cook...cooking all food orders, saute', grill, head chef...etc.

A dishwasher/custodial worker...washing of dishes, cleaning, restocking...etc.

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A cashier...closing out checks, selling gift cards, preparing "to-go" orders...etc.

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Dessert sellers; runners; other helps...etc.

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All work together, every part doing its share, seeking to prosper the whole, united operation!

Is every part doing its share?
If not,
(a) Do they really work here?
(b) Do they recall that they are receiving a salary?

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Is God after something specific...or do we just float around, unto some unspecified end? Has He left us a blueprint of His expectations and desires?

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Foundational Principles:

1) God's goal for this world is to redeem and build His church.

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2) God's goal for His church is to glorify His Name (Eph. 1:6,12; 3:10-12, 21).
3) Our redemption is unto this end. It does not end with our salvation.

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Our Motivations for Sharing God's Vision:
1) God has created us. We belong to Him.

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2) God has redeemed us out of the world. The love of Christ now compels us to share God's vision to glorify His Name (2 Cor. 5:14-15). We are jealous unto this end!

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We glorify God's Name by...
(a) Building His church
(b) Worshiping Him

How do we build God's Church?

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We build God's Church by Fulfilling the Great Commission:
Matthew 28:18-20
1)Making Disciples
2)Baptizing Made Disciples
3)Teaching Made Disciples

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Two Primary Goals:
1) Expand Her Tent Pegs (Isa. 54:1-3). Add to her number by way of aggressive evangelism.

2) Aid in her sanctification, unto conformity to Christ (Eph. 4:1-16; 2 Pet. 3:18).
*Mutual Edification

A "Body," where EVERY PART does its share.

How do we expand and promote the sanctification of the church?

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(A) Pastor's equip the Body (Eph. 4)
(B) The Body conducts ministry, by use of spiritual gifts (Rom. 12; 1 Cor. 12).

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The Body must be together (Heb. 3:12-14; 10:23-25).

Two General Types of Gifts:
(a) Speaking Gifts
(b) "Hands On," Service Gifts

Are you oriented toward speaking?
Teaching, preaching, exhorting, encouraging, administrating, leading...etc.

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Are you oriented toward "hands on" serving?
Fixing, building, painting, cooking, serving, cleaning, sound help, ushering, financial help, music...etc

Every Part is Needed! Every Part does its share, unto the building/edifying of the whole Body!

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The General Principle:
Ask yourself, "What can I do to help edify and build Christ's church? What part do I play in this local church?"

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How can I invest my life; How can I sacrifice my time, energy and resources, unto building this great work, for the glory of God?

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Is every part doing its share? If not...
(a) Am I really a part of this body?
(b) Have I lost sight of my glorious redemption, and my redemptive purpose?

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Let us be united unto this great purpose and end!
[Eph. 4:1ff; Philip. 2:1ff]

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The Church is the Pillar and Support of God's Truth!
[1 Timothy 3:14-15]