Conflict Management

Published on Aug 16, 2018

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Conflict Management

6 Simple Ways to Crush It 
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What is Conflict?

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Define Conflict

  • Serious Disagreement
  • Incompatible Views/Opinions
  • Mutually inconsistent feeling
  • Frictio
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Why is this a tough conversation to have?

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What causes Conflict in the Workplace?

What Causes Conflict

  • Communication
  • Personalities
  • Culture/Values
  • Competition
  • Power/Influence
  • Environment
  • Expectation

Why having Conflict is a good thing...

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Benefits of Conflict

  • Increased Understanding
  • Better Group Cohesion
  • Improved Self-Knowledg
  • Proactive Problem Identification
  • Growth of the Organization and of Self
  • Diversity - Goals, Opinions, Thought, Atttitude
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Real World Examples

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6 Simple Steps

to Resolve Conflict 
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6 Simple Steps

  • Examine Self First and ake sure that good relationships are a priority
  • Separate people from the problems
  • Understand their point of view
  • Listen first...Talk second
  • Set out the 'facts'
  • Brainstorm options togethe
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Let's Practice

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