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Published on Apr 05, 2016

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Rome from A to Z

By. Gabe B.
Photo by nathanh100

A is for Aqueduct

  • Aqueduct is the way Romans got water from streams outside the city
Photo by edsalkeld

B is for Baths

  • Is a place for bathing, dancing, getting married and swimming
Photo by littlestar19

C is for Collisium

  • A place where people could come and watch the olympics or gladiators

D is for Demeter

  • Demeter or known as Ceres is the goddess of grain

E is for Etruscans

  • A civilization in the 7th Century B.C. that conquered Macedonia and some of Rome
Photo by Rome Cabs

F is for Fasces

  • The fasces were a bunch of bound wooden sticks carried by men called lictors who escorted important politicians in public.
Photo by mrsdkrebs

G is for Gods

  • Gods are something the Romans beleived in

H is for Hades

  • Hades or known as Pluto and the god of the underworld
Photo by jbhalper

I is for Insula

  • the Latin word for an island, but also for an apartment block, and the kind of accommodation in which the majority of Romans lived.

J is for Julius Caesar

  • The leader of Rome from 37 A.D to 41 A.D
Photo by Yuval Y

K is for Keystone

  • When they made archs they placed a keystone to keep it in place

L is for Lavatories

  • a room or compartment with a toilet and washbasin; a bathroom.
Photo by Aleš87

M is for Macedonia

  • A civilization that was one of Romes alies
Photo by Funky Tee

N is for Nero

  • Nero or known as the "Destroyer of Rome"
Photo by euthman

O is for Octo

  • A Roman month which we know as October
Photo by Teo

P is for Posiden

  • Posiden or known as Neptune and he is the God of the Sea
Photo by OctopusHat

Q is for Quadtriangle

  • The shape of most Etruscan Cities
Photo by Rome Cabs

R is for Rome

  • The civilization that took over most of the Medditerian Sea and South Africa and gave us our months and numbers
Photo by Zach Dischner

S is for Septem

  • A Roman month and something that we call September
Photo by Leo Reynolds

T is for Trajan

  • A soldier/emperor for Rome through 53 A.D. - 117 A.D.
Photo by DncnH

U is for Uranus

  • The seventh planet from the sun and it was named after the god of heaven
Photo by FlyingSinger

V is for Venus

  • Venus or known as Aphrodite goddess of love
Photo by stefanweihs

W is for Western Roman Empire

  • The Western Empire was one of the two empires that split to form Eastern Rome and Western Rome
Photo by Dustin Quasar

X is for XXX

  • XXX is the Roman Numeral for 30
Photo by duncan

Y is for Your Buildings

  • Rome had many different buildings such as collisiums, temples, house, and much more
Photo by ZeroOne

Z is for Zues

  • Zues or known as Jupiter is the god of the heavens and his wife Hera

The End

  • Thanks for listning
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