Copy of Honors English 7

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Welcome to English 7

Ms. Jeannie Chufo

ToDay's viP PLan

  • Organize yourself alphabetically in silence by last name
  • Remember the person on either side of you.
  • Toss the rubber chicken around and stay the person's name out loud.
  • Name tags / Seating arrangements
  • Why we move seats
  • Why we vie for obscure prizes
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Meet your tribe member: Ms. Chufo

  • I love English Breakfast tea.
  • I hiked around Mont Blanc a famous mountain range in the book Frankenstein.
  • I have triplets who are 7.
  • My son wears a prosthetic foot.
  • I have run several marathons.
  • I grow old, I grow old, I shall wear my pants unrolled.
  • My grandfather was a cinematographer for Alfred Hitchcock
  • I wake up at 4 am nearly every day.
  • I have floated down the Nile like Cleopatra.
  • I have ridden an Elephant in Thailand.
  • I love manatees & narwhals.
  • I'm a nerd.
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"HoNe"work (due tomorrow)

  • Fill out the student contract online (within the syllabus)
  • Bring in an outside reading book.
  • Have a notebook and pens to take notes.
  • You are so busy all of the sudden.
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Outside REading Books

  • Head to the library and find a book.
  • Book date and book hate
  • Bring a book by next Tuesday.
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HOw to title all papers

  • Upper left hand corner always put your. . .
  • Name (First and Last)
  • My name (Ms. Chufo)
  • English Class and Period
  • The date
  • (This is part of MLA format) Woohoo!
  • (See, you already learned something).
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The MingLE

The grand finale

Find a book you love, Review the syllabus by Tuesday, Add yourself to REmind
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