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This is my reputation management plan that I researched and will use to keep a positive digital footprint. I wanted to share these with everyone so you can better assure that your footprint is positive.

Digital Footprint

Published on Sep 16, 2016

10 Strategies to help keep a positive digital footprint.


Digital Footprint

by Patricia Smeyers
This is my reputation management plan that I researched and will use to keep a positive digital footprint. I wanted to share these with everyone so you can better assure that your footprint is positive.

What is a digital footprint?

"Your digital footprint paints a picture of who you are" (Internet Society, 2016)
"Your digital footprint paints a picture of who you are." (Internet Society, 2016) It is important that you are aware of everything you post, share, search, and comment on. Everything is traceable and can be tracked back to you.
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How do I keep a positive digital footprint?

10 Steps to Safety
I have researched and created a plan that I call "10 Steps to Safety." This plan was created to help me keep a positive and professional digital footprint. These 10 steps must be kept in mind at all times when I use the Internet.
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Search my name

Search my name in Google and every other search engine possible to see what is available online about me. I will search my name, usernames, any nicknames and different possible spellings of my name. (A Platform for Good, 2016) Being in the know is the key to improving my professional identity. If I see any problems, I can contact the appropriate person or company to help alleviate the problem. I can also discover how prevalent my name is and take action accordingly.
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Purchase my own domain

Purchase my own domain so my professional work is easily assessible on the Internet. According to A Great Place to Be (2016), "building, maintaining and running your own website and personalized domain/email address is minimal compared to its potential benefits." This will help me become visible by potential employers and professional colleagues. All professional artifacts will be published on this website.
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Keep a list of all accounts

Keep a list of accounts and link professional accounts that are possible in order to keep them current and active. (Lowenthal and Dunlap, 2012) I will delete old accounts that are no longer being used. I have created so many accounts over the years, that it seems like a maze that I have to maneuver.
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Create separate accounts

Keep my personal accounts and professional accounts separate. I must also limit the amount of information that I share publicly on my professional accounts in order to keep public information positive and professional. (Digital Media in the Classroom, 2016)
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Be Aware!

Identity thieves use social media sites to get your information. (Social Times, 2013) To be in the know, I must be aware about what others are posting about me online. It is important that I am sure all accounts stayed secured and that no one created accounts in my name that can affect my presence on the Internet. If there is an account that I did not create, I will have the company take it down immediately and inform search engines of this issue.
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Be Present!

Create professional accounts and keep them active. It is impossible to be completely invisible when it comes to the Internet, and it also not advisable when I am looking to grow my professional network. I will include a short bio or video that portrays an accurate story about my professional life. (Stiegler, 2015) This includes, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more. I will also create an updated resume and attach it to my LinkedIn profile.

Be Responsible!

Never post when I am not confident in my emotions or topic selection. I am responsible for everything that I post. I must reread everything I post, and if I am not sure if it will bring a positive outcome, then it is best to delete the intended post. "If you wouldn’t want a potential employer seeing something, don’t post it!." (Pfeffer, 2014)

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Make connections with other professionals who can help me grow and learn. I will be sure to connect and contribute to my PLN properly so I am an accepted member of the community. I will check in often and keep in contact so I do not lose these precious new connections. "Being visible on the Internet can benefit your scholarship, pedagogy, and even service." (Prof. Hacker, 2011)
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Check my privacy settings

Check my privacy settings often to be sure they are accurate. Facebook settings are constantly changing and I want to be sure they are "tightened up" and set the way I originally set them. (Prof. Hacker, 2011) I will make sure that my professional accounts are public and ready for the world to see. I will make sure that all my personal accounts are private and only persons that I choose can see my posts.

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Share my content on the web

Share my content with others. I have created many different lessons and resources over the years. According to Lowenthal and Dunlap (2012) teachers should also think about "what they put on the web, where they put it, how they name and structure their content, and finally how they encourage others to read, use, link to, apply, and cite what they put on the web." This will help me develop a positive web presence within my field of expertise.


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Thank you for viewing my digital footprint presentation.

Thank you for viewing my presentation. What steps will you take to grow a positive digital footprint?

Patricia Smeyers

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