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Donald And doris fIsher

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Donald And Doris Fisher

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  • Donald was born on sep.3rd 1928
  • Doris was born on 1932
  • Donald died on sep.27th 2009


  • Donalds parents are
  • Sidney fisher
  • And aileen ameul
  • Married
  • Kids,robert j.,william s.,john j.

Obstacles to becoming successful
They were in a bad position when they had to change or fail Donald's favorite quote was " same problems"

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Companies,products,and or services
Gap sells cloths,products and others like shoes,pjs,and swetshirts,and swetpants.

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Qualities or characteristics
They are happy because there sweet and the way they started gap and how artistic they are.

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What can we learn
Falling into the gap,gaps creativity and growth, new brands expansion ,moving forward,the future.

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Where did you get your info
I got my info on the computer and websites on how good there future was on putting together gap.

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