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More about Downtown Jefferson City: www.downtownjeffersoncity.com

More about Stephanie Bell: www.linkedin.com/in/stephaniesbell

Downtown JCMO

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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by Stephanie Bell
More about Downtown Jefferson City: www.downtownjeffersoncity.com

More about Stephanie Bell: www.linkedin.com/in/stephaniesbell

Fast Facts


Employees within a 1 mile radius of 100 E. High.


Residents within a 1 mile radius of 100 E. High.

(20.4% are between the ages of 20-29).

Traffic Counts

  • 4,600 West High
  • 4,700 East Capitol
  • 3,200 Madison (at High)
  • 7,900 East McCarty

Business Overview


  • 3 (New) Women's Clothing Stores
  • 1 (New) Men's Clothing Store
  • 1 (New) Shoe Store
  • 2 (Consingment) Stores for Women
  • 1 (consingment) Store for Men
Plus MANY more stores with accessories and fashion items.

See a full listing of Shops here: http://www.downtownjeffersoncity.com/shop-downtown-jefferson-city.php

Photo by chrismar

Arris’ Pizza Palace
Bones Restaruant
Capitol City CORK
Cafe Via Roma
Downtown Diner
Frosted Art
Gumbo Bottoms
High Street Pub
J.Pfenny’s Sports Grill
Jimmy Johns

More than Twenty Restaurants, Bars & Coffee Shops.

See a full listing of eateries here: http://www.downtownjeffersoncity.com/dine-downtown-jefferson-city.php

Madison’s Café
Park Place
Rick’s Cafe
Spectator’s Sports Bar & Grill
The Grand Cafe
Towne Grill
Sze Chaun
Yanis Coffee Zone
Yo Yums

More than Twenty Restaurants, Bars & Coffee Shops

See a full listing of eateries here: http://www.downtownjeffersoncity.com/dine-downtown-jefferson-city.php


  • 2 Pharmacies (Tolson's, Whaley's)
  • 1 Eye Doctor (Eyes on Missouri)
  • 1 Dentist ( Dr. Paul Dulle)
  • 1 Urgent Care (CRMC)
  • 1 Gym (Downtown Fitness)
A growing industry in Downtown JCMO.

Photo by Aidan Jones


OPEN: 2 Shops
OPEN: 7 Eateries
OPEN: Capitol City Cinema

Carrie's Hallmark
Downtown Book & Toy

Arris Pizza
Downtown Diner
J. Pfenny's
Sze Chuan
Towne Grill

Cinema showtimes: http://www.capitolcitycinema.org/#!calendar/c1k08

Connects business professionals and community members for the purpose of building a more vibrant, prosperous and beloved community core.
The unique combination of preservation of
history and place, progressive attitudes and
local entrepreneurship, make Downtown
Jefferson City a great place to see, shop,
dine, drink, learn and LOVE.


Approximately 100 paid members.

Information on Membership here: http://www.downtownjeffersoncity.com/membership-benefits-and-pricing.php

Monthly Meetings

The second Tuesday of every month at 7:45 a.m.

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Social Media Stats
FB Fans 5,550 (The District - 4,700)
Twitter 1,250 (The District - 6,000)
Instagram 220 (The District - 270)


Event held in January. A gathering of community members to provoke new ideas and inspire actionable results. Goal is to stimulate new initiatives and events, create new connections and collaborations, and establish a community of people who have the desire to achieve great things for our community's core.


Community Improvement District
The CID, along with the Downtown Conference Center, were identified as the "big" projects the Association should pursue.

The CID will be the focus for the Association for 2015.

Details on the CID here: https://www.haikudeck.com/downtown-jcmo---cid-presentation-business-present...

Other priorities/ideas

  • Farmers' Market
  • Redevelopment
  • Non Bar Space for Evenings
  • Branding
  • Encouraging Residential Development
The Brainstorming Event and Online Survey also highlighted a number of other areas that our community felt should be top priorities for Downtown. While Downtown considers the Farmers' Market, Redevelopment, Branding and Encouraging Residential Development ongoing project, the "new idea" people seemed most interested in was the development of a non bar space for evenings.

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Two other projects that Downtown will work on in 2015 are related to the Wayfinding Project and the Local Foods Local Places Program.

Information on Wayfinding: http://www.jeffcitymo.org/pps/campo/Wayfinding.html

Information on Local Foods Local Places: http://www.epa.gov/smartgrowth/sp-local-foods-local-places.html

Vacancy Rates

In 2006, Chamber noted 20-25% vacancy rate. Goal was for 5 or fewer vacant storefronts in 2010.

Recent Investments

by Property Owners

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115 East High Street
(was Mortimer Kegley's, now Gibbons Workman)

220 Madison Street (now CRMC Downtown Urgent Care)

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Merchant's Bank Building
101 West High Street

Untitled Slide

Red Wheel Bike Shop
400 West Main Street

Current Projects

by Property Owners

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204 East High Street (Old Exchange Bank, now Residence and For Rent)

202 East High Street (was Jennifer's Photography, will be Frosted Art)

Untitled Slide

220 East High Street (was Leeds, recently purchased)

228 Madison (Central Travel)

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400 West Main Street
"Millbottom" Event Space

Untitled Slide

223 East High Street
(was Dallmeyers's Jewelrey, will open as Ana Marie's Bridal in May)

Properties for Rent/Sale

  • 210 E. High Street (Hawthorn Bank)
  • 118 E. High Street (Farmer Companies)
  • Properties on Capitol/Monroe/Jefferson

Where's Waldo Pub Crawl

Annual Event - First Saturday Night in February.

150+ People visited 5+ Bars and turned in a "punch card."

400+ rode the Trolley

80% of participating bars reported higher or substantially higher alcohol sales.

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St. Patrick's Day Parade
Saturday, March 14
2:00 p.m.
Starts at Paddy Malone's

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Downtown Dinner Dash
Thursday, March 26
6:00 p.m.


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The Color Vibe
Saturday, April 11 at 5:00 p.m.


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Serve Jefferson City
April 25
8:30 a.m. to noon

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Cruise-In On Capitol
Saturday, April 25 at 5:00 p.m.

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Friday May 1 - Saturday May 2

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Hidden Spaces Secret Places
Sunday, May 3 at 1:00 p.m.

Get Involved


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Spread the Word

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A printable map and directory. Perfect for visitors, welcome bags, registration pages, meeting, meeting packets and the like.

Available here: http://www.downtownjeffersoncity.com/2014_map.pdf