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eat whatever I want

Published on Nov 21, 2015

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eat whatever I want

Top Ten Reasons Why I Should Get To

1) Just because I wAnt to.

TRUTH: Your inner brat says "BECAUSE I WANT TO."

For best results, give "the brat" a time out.

2) It's a feminist issue.

You can't tell me what to eat.
Photo by Ms. Phoenix

TRUTH: You can be a healthy feminist!

It's powerful to nourish yourself well.

3) Healthy food doesn't taste good.

Prepare it right and it tastes AMAZING!

TRUTH: Don't kid yourself.

4) It's No Fun

if I can't eat what the other (kids) are eating.


not the food.
Photo by eflon

5) At least I am not as fat as...

________ (fill in family member)

TRUTH: Your dreams for your health

should reference only YOUR ideals, not others.

6) But this ice cream is organic!

Photo by stevendepolo

TRUTH: Organic doeSN't mean healthy!

Photo by benzado

7) I deserve it. I had a long day.

TRUTH: Deserving is a made-up concept.

so as long as we're on the topic,

you deserve to feel and look great!

8) It's too hard/expensive to eat healthy.

TRUTH: Proper planning means healthy eating.

It's less expensive and worth the effort.

9) MY DIET IS good enough the way it is.

TRUTH: CARING MEANS You get to seT your ideaL

and then go for it.

10) This is my one source of pleasure.

Photo by alisdair

TRUTH: You can find other sources of pleasure

and you know you should.

Being healthy is no easy task in this day and age.

You are continually bombarded with opportunities to stray from your best intentions for yourself.

Yet feeling good

is key to succeeding across every area of your life.

It’s time to take back ownership of your health.

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It’s time to take back ownership of your health and we can teach you how. There is a set of tools any person can use to design a new future, regardless of his or her past, and we’ve encapsulated it in a 4-session weekly interactive web-based seminar:


You may listen and participate in the call from anywhere in the world, and if you cannot make the time, you may listen to the recordings on your own time. All recordings are available for one week after the completion of this teleseries.

Includes 4-week access to the HG ONLINE COMMUNITY, where you can listen to the recordings, interact with other participants and the coach and build your own support network.


We will cover how to:

  • How to dream again and be inspired about where you want to be health-wise
  • How to limit negative thoughts about your health and cultivate positive ones
  • How to bust your own excuses
  • How to get yourself to do what you wish you would do to take care of yourself
  • How to get the health results you always wanted



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