EDG 646 Digital Leadership

Published on Jul 01, 2018

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Digital Leadership

Bernadette Barone 
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What does it mean to be a Digital Leader?

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Equity and Citizen Advocate

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Leaders Ensure

  • Skilled Teachers
  • Access
  • Model the DO's
  • Cultivate Responsible Behavior

Visionary Planner

Leaders Establish

  • Vison
  • Strategic Plan
  • Evaluate Progress
  • Communicate with Stakeholders

Empowering Leader

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Leaders Inspire

  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Experimentation
  • Cultural Appreciation
  • Personalized Learning

Systems Designer

Leaders Support

  • Infrastructure
  • Resources
  • Privacy/Security
  • Partnerships
  • Shared Leadership

Connected Learner

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Leaders Promote

  • Continuous Learning
  • Professional Growth
  • Reflective Practices
  • Remaining Current
  • Skill Development

What's Next?

Digital Leadership in Practice

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ISTE Standards for Education Leaders 2018

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