EF Comparison - Goal Setting Set up

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Comparing Executive Function

Us versus someone we admire

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What is executive function?

a set of mental skills that allow you to get stuff done

Break up big things into smaller tasks

Meet deadlines

See a progression of tasks

Offset immediate satisfaction for a later, and better, one

Find stuff

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For these statements, give a number for you and your biography person.

1 = never, very hard
5 = always, easy, yes

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I schedule lunch meets or rendez-vous greets in and out of school (rather than just letting mom or following what the group does).

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I can handle large tasks/projects by breaking them down into smaller ones. (By yourself)

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I treat little upsets as minor issues and don't freak out.

When I fail at something it's almost never a surprise.

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I almost always meet deadlines for assignments

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I'm autonomous with transitions between classes, activities or tasks.

I'm okay with criticism and respond to it calmly.

I don't need to be prompted to use a calendar, to do list or agenda

I can put away distractions when working (phone, TV, music, etc).

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People tell me conversations with me are always clear and understandable. (Not confusing).

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I can stop myself before I act or say something I'll regret later.

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In group work, I can keep a thought in my ram so as to keep on topic.

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I can focus on one activity until finished.

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When given something to do, I start right away.

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If asked to get something from my room I haven't used in a bit, I'd find it in a few minutes.

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I'm quite good at estimating how long a task, project, event will take.

I can take a step back and see myself rationally in any given situation.

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So, you have a bunch of numbers.
One set for you, and another for the person you're reading about.

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Given that success seems to favour the acquisition of EFs, what does your comparison say?

Why do we get stressed about EF issues?

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What can we do about it?

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Ignore it!

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Know thyself

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