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Something that happens in Detroit is more likely to get our attention over something that happens in Oklahoma City. That's what proximity is all about.

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Witness: Water delivery in Flint would cost $9M a month

Detroit — It would cost $9 million a month and activation of the National Guard to deliver bottled water to every household in Flint, a Michigan State Police captain in charge of the city’s water operation testified Wednesday.

Capt. Christopher Kelenske made his comment in federal court in the case of Flint residents and activists who are asking a federal judge to order home delivery of bottled water as their city struggles with two years of lead-poisoned tap water.


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People like big names. A story would probably get the readers attention better if it had something to do with Richard Pryor or Morgan Freeman. Not some random construction worker from Boston.

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Everyone wants to be up to date on everything. They don't want to hear about something that happened a month ago.

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