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This is the story of the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues, with members from both sides in love.

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In the beginning of this book, Quarrel and his friend bite their thumbs as a sign of disrespect to the Montagues, who they are feuding with.

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Juliet and her mother are discussing the laws of marriage and finding her a nice man who will take care of her over dinner.

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Meanwhile Romeo is outside with friends being encouraged to "Borrow Cupids wings and soar"
Romeo is very depressed because he is having no luck finding a girl for himself.

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There is a party inside Juliet's massive castle, when suddenly Romeo see's her dancing, and is immediately love struck, stating he has "never seen true beauty until this night"

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The king's nephew spots Romeo. He is a Montague, a villain they say. The king demanded his nephew to leave Romeo alone.

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Romeo and Juliet share their first dance together. Romeo kisses Juliet's hand, and Juliet kisses Romeo back onto the lips. They both state they have taken a sin from each their.

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The nurse comes and grabs Juliet stating her mother would like a word with her, when Romeo realizes he's just been seen with a Capulet.

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Juliet uses the famous phrase "Oh Romeo, Where for art thou Romeo" stating she will no longer be a Capulet if he sworns his love to her.
Juliet is confused about why she cannot be with him if he just has the Montague family name.

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Romeo comes forward stating his love for her on the blessed moon, which makes Juliet upset.
The two agree to see each other at 9 in the morning.

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Romeo expresses his love for Juliet to his father and gets into a small disagreement.
While talking to his father, two Capulets are lying in wait to "settle the feud"

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Romeo peaks out a window and shows his pastor Juliet, who suddenly agrees to marry them.

Romeo is lying in a field happy, when he gets bad news, Juliet is not well.

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Romeo rushes to Juliet's home where the King Capulets nephew is waiting and threatens Romeo, and they get into a big fight.
Romeo kills the nephew and says a prayer for him, and carries him to the tomb, where he sees Juilet.

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He kisses her cold lips and drinks the bottle of poison he was given to die with her.
What he didn't know was that Juliet wasn't dead at all, and he had just made a huge mistake.

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When Juliet learns of her new husbands death she rushes over to him and kisses him goodbye, only to stab herself in her heart with a dagger.

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During the funerals, the Capulets and the Montagues call a truce, to no longer feud, and to mourn the loss of the pir children together.

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There will be no more feuding between the two family's. Finally the town of Verona, Italy , would be in peace.

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  • The Montagues
  • The Capulets
  • Romeo
  • Juliet
  • Pastor
  • King
  • Nephew
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  • A Capulet biting his thumb at a Montague
  • Romeo dancing with Juliet
  • The Capulets seeing Romeo with Juilet
  • Juliet and Romeo getting married
  • Juliet's sickness from her mothers death
  • Romeos fatal sword fight with a Capulet.
  • Romeo drinking poison
  • Juliet stabbing herself in the heart.
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  • Theme : Love conquers all
  • Setting : Verona, Italy
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Romeo and Juliet proved love could conquer all, but in a sad, twisted way.
Romeo and Juliet were a bit to young, and maybe should not have been in that situation.


  • I can understand the family feud
  • I don't feel that it was right for the families to not want Romeo and Juliet together
  • I feel it was really crazy of Romeo and Juliet to kill themselves.
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All in all, I think I learned from this story to never take things to an extreme level and to never jump to conclusions, or hate anybody enough to cause my family members pain.

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