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Published on Nov 18, 2015

A Intercultural travel memo briefing to a team going to Finland



Presented by Madeline Spencer
Photo by alexbrn

Constructs of Finland

  • $1.00 US is €0.7915
  • Official Languages Finnish and Swedish
  • Drive on Right, very courteous driver, few roads
  • Busses go to all major cities, rental car services 
  • Cold temperate, potentially subarctic but mild
exchange rate, official languages, from countryreports.org
transport from lonelyplanet.com
Photo by Sheldon Pax

Communication Concepts

  • Low Power Distance
  • Considered Individualistic
  • Feminine
  • Avoid Uncentainty
  • Normative, Highly Indulgent
Photo by Dave_S.

Business Ettiquite

  • Firm handshake for either gender
  • Less small talk, more business
  • Don't discuss religion or politics, Do discuss egalitarianism 
  • Usual to go for lunch between or after meeting
  • Alcohol consumption varies by social group