Head Start Students Tell What Bosses Do

Published on Dec 07, 2017

In honor of his 40 year tenure as KCR Ex. Director, Head Start students (5 -6 yrs. old) explain what a boss does.


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They work a long time

Until the clock says go home (Rene)

work, work, work. (Ryder)

They tells people to get to 

He drives his fancy car to work

Photo by Jay Tamboli

He talks and people have to listen


Bosses build things. They are fast with a hammer. (Tielyr)

Photo by JD Hancock

They do what they're suppose to do.

They talk on the phone. (Joseph) 

They do whatever they want


He does anything he wants.

My dad is a boss. (Adrian) 

He makes people go get things for him - Sam 

El jefe ve futbol en la TV.

The boss watches soccer on TV (Jonathan) 

The boss tells workers to work.

That is why they get paid. (Sebastian)

A boss tells people

to clean up or get a time out. (Bryan) 

He tells people what to do

and not to sleep at work (Jonoah) 

They drink coffee


They help people.


Thank You, Mr. Eyer!

You've been a great boss!

You will be missed

Larry Eyer

KCR Executive Director From 1977 to 2018