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  • Hogmanay means last day of the year in Scottish
  • Hogmanay is like our American holiday, New Years
  • Hogmanay last from December 30 to January 2
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  • When the clock strikes twelve on Hogmanay eve (Jan.1) party members gather together, hold hands, and start singing a poem called Auld Lang Syne
  • On the last verse the of the poem they cross arms and run to the middle of the room all at once
  • Auld Lang Syne means times long past
  • Auld Lang Syne was written by Robert Burns in 1788


  • When the Hogmanay celebration starts (Dec.30) there is a huge torch lit parade where most people dress up like Vikings and walk around caring torches lit on fire.


  • The Highland Games are events to celebrate the Scottish culture.
  • They are held on every weekend from May to September
  • Some aspects of the game have become symbolic such as the kilt, the bagpipes, and heavy events, such as the caber toss
  • These events take place across the country

Edinburgh Festival (FRINGE)

  • The festival occurs in Scotland's capital, Edinburgh in August but the exact date varies from year to year. The festival started in 1947
  • The Edinburgh festival is the worlds largest arts festival
  • Anyone may participate with any type of act or performance
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  • The performances are categorized into theatre, comedy, dance, physical theatre, circus, cabaret, children's shows, opera, musicals, music, spoken word, exhibitions, and events
  • In 1947 Rudolph Bing invited a select few of the best performers of that time to the Scottish capital Edinburgh
  • This formed the Edinburgh international festival
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  • At the beginning of Hogmanay a game of street soccer starts
  • It can start anywhere in Scotland
  • It last the throughout Hogmanay
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  • After the stroke of midnight, neighbors visit each other, bearing traditional symbolic gifts such as shortbread or black bun, a kind of fruit cake.
  • The first person to enter a house in the New Year, the first foot, could bring luck for the New Year
  • The luckiest was a tall, dark and handsome man
  • The unluckiest ,a red head and the unluckiest of all, a red-headed woman.


  • This is a very old rural tradition that involved blessing the house and livestock with holy water from a local stream
  • Although it had nearly died out, in recent years it has experienced a revival
  • After the blessing with water, the woman of the house was supposed to go from room to room with a smouldering juniper branch, filling the house with purifying smoke. Once everyone in the household was coughing and choking from the smoke, the windows would be thrown open

Scottish Independence

  • In 2014 Scotland voted to either stay part of the United Kingdom or break away
  • The majority vote was 55.30% stay and 44.70% to secede
  • Currently they are talking about re-voting for the independence of Scotland