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How much should I offer?

Published on Nov 18, 2015

How can a person find out how much to offer on a home for sale


Buying Real Estate

How much should I offer?

Remove Emotion

Look at buying a home as being all "business"

6 months of Sales History

Appraisers give the most value to "sold" properties
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Radius Search

.5 to 1.0 mile radius, the closer the better


Compare homes with the same amount if possible
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Take into account full, 3/4, half, etc...
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Apples to apples

The closer the match the better
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online values

Most use an algorithim, very innacurate!
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Don't use an algorithm :)

use multiple listing service data

Your Realtor will give you Access...


Don't ever guess!
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Never exceed

how much home you can afford!

Strengthen your offer

It's not always about the Money...

hire a professional

Hire Smart and only those with a "provable" track record!

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