How To Do A JV Launch Promotion

Published on Jul 26, 2016

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How To Do A JV Launch Promotion

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My Story

  • Family
  • Career Path
  • Business Coach
  • Business Owner
  • 2016 - 2 Big Ideas
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Limiting Belief

  • Nina Cooke
  • I Don't Matter
  • Over $30K Next Month
  • Almost $40K Next Month
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  • JV launch promotion by yourself?
  • Elements that must be in place
  • Minesh Baxi Story
  • Best JVs for Coaches
  • How to Leverage what you know

Rob's Offer

  • Fast Revenue Coaching
  • How I Got 51 Clients to Pay For A Year Or More In Advance Without Strategy Sessions
  • Works With Or Without A List
  • 3 Modules, 1 Year Mastermind, Swipe
  • $997

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