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How to Evaluate a Franchise Business 的副本

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How to Evaluate a Franchise Business

Secrets You Need to Know

Be Prepared for 1-3 months of due diligence

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Find Yourself a Good: Accountant, Attorney & Franchise Advisor

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The Questions

How Asking these Key Questions Can Make or Break Your Decision!
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We teach over 100 questions to ask ...

But these are some of the most  important ones
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1. Asking about the franchisor

Years as a franchisor and years running the business you will be buying

2. Asking about the product

What makes it unique, different
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3. Asking about the initial investment

Is working capital included in estimates?

4. Asking about the territory

Can the franchisor compete in my territory? Is it a protected territory?
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5. Asking about the terms in the agreement

Is my territory, payment terms or any other item negotiable?
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6. Asking about support

Can I speak with the person who will be my main support?
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7. Asking about Profitability

ask existing franchisees" would you do this again?
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