How to Join the Pretzel Industry

Published on Jan 27, 2016

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How to Join the Pretzel Industry

The pretzel industry has experienced rapid growth over the last few years. While this growth has been great for franchises such as Pretzelmaker, it has also worked to steepen the competition. To be a part of the competitive pretzel industry, pretzel stores must stay ahead and catch the attention of potential customers while retaining the loyalty of existing customers.

Topics of Discussion

  • Differentiation from Competition
  • Location and Population Importance
  • Connection to Customers
  • Recommendations for Connecting with Customers
  • Brand Pride

1. Differentiation is essential for competing when there are multiple options for pretzels in the area. Pretzel stores can easily distinguish themselves by offering unique menu options, but this should not be the sole means of differentiation. Stores can take advantage of seasonal opportunities and current activities in the area to show customers the stores personality.

2. The population and location of any food franchise is important, but for pretzel stores it is even more vital. The majority of a pretzel store’s customers come from foot traffic, so the store absolutely must be in a location that caters to this trend in order for a pretzel store to maximize business opportunities. Franchisees should be aware of the common characteristics of customers that traverse the area to better serve customer needs and create a stronger draw.

3. Creating a connection to the customers is crucial. From the look of the store, to the menu options which are offered, to the style of the employee’s uniforms, everything about a pretzel store attracts certain customers. For Pretzelmaker, this target demographic is generally teenagers, moms, and young adults.

Recommendations for Connecting with Customers Include:
- Marketing in highly-visual areas
- Using colors and styles that appeal
- Gearing promotions and products specifically towards a need
- Encouraging suggestions and responding to given suggestions.

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