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INFERNO, By Dan Brown, Chap 69

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Inferno, Dan brown

Wrote infernal, I will show you the locations! Chapters 69-
Photo by Ro'tten

The gondolier wanted to tie up his gondola here, chp 69

Photo by Photolifer

Ferro di Prua, only metal allowed on a gondola

Photo by gioberto09

St. Mark's bell tower, Langdon saw it from grand canal

Campanile di San Marco, chap 69

Photo by timo.frey

Doge's palace, Venice italy

Photo by roger4336

Doge's Palace, Venetian gothic architecture

Photo by Marvin (PA)

Doge's Palace, Venice italy

Langdon believed a kiss here was love forever!

Photo by justinls

Il ponte dei sospiri, prisoners crossed from freedom to torture

Photo by chris.chabot

Enjoy langdon's views in inferno, chapter 69