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Inferno Locations In Italy

Published on Nov 21, 2015

Dan Brown wrote Inferno. I love the locations he wrote about in the novel but felt the novel was lacking for those people who have never been to Italy. I decided to author Haiku Decks as a visual treat to be used with the novel.


Inferno, Dan brown

wrote Inferno, I will show you the locations! Chapters 65-68

Robert langdon does Frecciargento from Florence-Venice chap 65

Photo by Darkroom Daze

Badia Tower, Florence, zobrist commits suicide

Photo by PAVDW

Grand Canal, Venice, chp 68 Langdon arrives

Photo by llamnudds

Iconic verdigris cupola of San simeone piccolo, chap 68

Photo by phil dokas

Eclectic architure, Byzantine style chp 68

Photo by netNicholls

Vaporetto no. 1, on Grand Canal chp 68

Photo by Dimitry B

St Mark's square, Venice chp 68, Langdon, sienna, ferris arrive

Photo by savage stills

Seppie al Nero, squid in it's own black ink, chp 68

Photo by Flaviakappa

Church of San Geremia, Venice Italy chp 68

Photo by ahisgett

Rialto Bridge, tourist with death mask

Photo by Sint Smeding

Typical Gondolier attire

Photo by Leo Reynolds

I hope you enjoy these pictures while you read inferno, by Dan brown