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internet saftey

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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internet safety

By Tyler, Jordan, Ethan


internet is important because it can stop bad things on your computer 
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guide lines for safety

  • always listen to your teacher or parent.
  • dont go on ads they may contain a virus.
  • it could also be something bad.
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  •  Follow the teacher's directions
  • Don't just do what you want
  • Don't install software you don't know about
  • Put minimal personal info on sites like Facebook
  • Hackers find ways to steal personal information
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what others need to learn

  • what you want others to learn is never click on things
  • if you don't know what it is
  • there may be even cyber bullying don't cyber bully
  • dont talk to people on skype
  • always be careful online 
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  • only add people as friends on a site
  • use privacy of settings of a social network
  • if there is a threat, report to a teacher or parent  
  • posting stuff about others you can put you and them in danger
  • never respond to inappropriate posts or therats  


hope you learned a lot about internet safety by jordan,ethan and,tyler   
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