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Japan Vs. United States

Published on Nov 22, 2015

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School life often receives bad press on delinquency, bullying or behavioral problems or the spate of horrendous and baffling crime knifings and killings taking place in schools in the past decade that were once unheard of in the country. The same thing with the United States. Many crimes have happend on school campus.

Studen life is however acknowledged by most Japanese to be largely enjoyable, except for some students that can set in during the transition to junior high school. Some students in the United States would also think school is enjoyable.

A high level of stress is often observed among students during pre-high to high school years. High school students also have stress in their life just like them as well.

Rigorous swotting for entrance exams is said to characterise student life in Japanese schools beginning just before entry to middle schools. Just like the United States you also have to take exams to get to the next grade during middle and high school.

However people don't have to take interviews to get to the next grade like in Japan. But they do attend special private preparation institutes like Japan does.

In many ways Japen is like the United States in many ways school wise. However there are some parts that are different. Others than that people here and there have the same problems and they are both human.