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Kopie von The Power of Keeping Your Word

There is power in doing what you said you would do. Let's talk about it...


The Power

Of Keeping Your Word

Have you been told by Someone

that they were going to do something... 
Photo by discoodoni

...Only later

to find they didn't keep their word? 
Photo by Julien//K

broken promises


they cause a loss

of respect
Photo by hepp

They give others permission

to not keep their word to you 
Photo by Darwin Bell

break relationships

& interfere with teamwork 


Photo by duncan

THere is Power

in doing what you said you would do!
Photo by tom_bullock

You gain trust

Because people learn they can count on you 
Photo by mikebaird

you stand out

in a crowd because trustworthyness is rare 
Photo by syder.ross

you're more productive

working in a team or working alone 

You gain Favor

You'll be trusted with greater responsibility
Photo by ScoRDS


personal or professional 
Photo by Sasquatch I

say what you mean

do what you say
Photo by familymwr

If circumstances change

Photo by kolix

but never leave anyone

waiting.  hanging,  Doubting. 
Photo by Socceraholic

Speak in power

say.  do.  keep your word. 
Photo by drumminhands