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Kyle Chen

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The Hunger Games
By: Suzanne Collins

Kyle Chen
Period 6

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What makes science and technology too far advanced for the good of mankind?

This is my essential question, What makes science and technology too far advanced for the good of mankind?

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An article I read was called "Advances in Gaming Sector Technology", it describes the specific area of technology known as video games. Here the author, Ravi Kumar overviews the evolution of video game technologies.
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Starting at the beginning of video games is pong, later leading on to more and more advanced technologies. This shows the basis of where technology had started, but was not even close to what technology would become.
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One of the latest technological advancements is virtual reality. Through here a whole new world is explored at the will of a headset. Combining this with variations of artificial intelligence, technology is getting smarter and smarter. Along with the different forms of technology comes a price tag, which gives power to those who can afford more than others. If one group can control this rising technology, will the group use it for good? As science evolves and not all humans can evolve with it, technology loses the basic forms of entertainment available to all.
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When does technology control us rather than us over it. As it becomes smarter and smarter on its own, humans are no longer able to control technology for the good, but rather they become controlled by it. In relation to The Hunger Games, technology is so far advanced that we cannot comprehend its capabilities, but set in the wrong hands of the oppressive upper class, it has become useless. Advancements of science and technology are not necessarily bad, but maybe just in the wrong hands.

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The other aspect which is science is describe in an article I read entitled "Technology will drive scientific progress in Africa not the other way around", written by Calestous Juma. It describes the application of science going into research for the health of people in Africa. Billions of dollars have been put into research to solve health issues. With all this money put into research, what if it solely becomes available too the rich and powerful, leaving out the poor because of its high value and rarity.
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With these types of requirements, science may no longer be used solely for good as it excludes certain people. Within the hunger games, the struggling districts are part of this lesser and poorer community, but the high tech research and advanced medicine is only available within the Capitol where the rich dwell.

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