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Published on Nov 18, 2015

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problem statement

  • lab safety(gas leaks)
  • data visualization
  • real time monitoring lab experiments for connected schools
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Many accidents in school laboratories are always fire related due to gas leaks.
Use of an arduino kit that detects and alerts in case of gas leaks solves this.

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Providing data visulaization for experiments in the lab makes the learning experience visual and more understandable

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  • connecting lab classrooms on a local network or globally facilitates sharing of realtime information worldwide
  • provision of past experiments and steps with expected results helps learners in comparison with their results as they do them.
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arduino is used to take analog inputs from the experiment(voltage ,temperature,current etc) and then send them to a server and then they can be accessed online for data visualization,comparison or approval by a instructor /teacher who logs in to the website or android app

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