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Math Budget Project

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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I chose to be a physician and surgeon. I chose to be a surgeon because I like surgeons and the money they get is huge

I earn a lot of money from working. I would earn $187,200 in yearly salary and $15,600 a month. I would get $90,000 every hour

Of course, I wouldn't get way with getting that much money. I would have to pay $62,776 yearly and $5,148 monthly for my income tax

My net pay (what I really earn) is $125,424 yearly and $10,454 monthly. I chose this job because I could get a lot of money in return from my income taxes

This career does require college education, in fact, to qualify I would need a bachelors degree

I would going to Baylor University to complete my college education, but I still have to cover some costs

I would to pay for the attendance for all my years of college which sums up to $56,838 in loans. This will build overtime due to the interest rate of 4.5%.

Once that is taken care of I would like to live in New York City because I like looking at the tall skyscrapers there

I would pick an apartment because I want to save money for the future. I picked the apartment with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. It would all cost for rent, $3,000

My yearly insurance would be $240 and my monthly insurance $20. The total monthly cost is $20.

When I picked my car, I chose a Hyundai Sonata model because I liked the Elantra that my dad bought. The style of the car was really the reason why I chose it.

Unfortunately I would be paying $21,150 for the car. My interest rate on the car is 3%. Of Course I would need insurance, but that would cost $100.

My cost of one month of gasoline costs $86. my total monthly payment is $380,040. I didn't chose an alternate mode of transportation because I already have a car

All of my utilities like electricity and water would cost me $665. That's not all, I would have to pay for other expenses like

Cell phone bill- $36
Entertainment- $137
Emergency Fund- $12,000
Clothing- $121
Food- $281

I would earn $248,976 and lose $4175.1 for expenses and that would be -$3926.124 that I would owe to various people or companies. I would have zero assets and -$14733.112 in liabilities

Overall that sums up to -$18659.236.


I learned that I have to make good choices as an adult if going to able get money to pay for essential items.

I learned that I would be accountable for multiple things as an adult like when my car breaks down or if I in an emergency

There was some items that costs more than I expect like my emergency fund and my school Loan

An expense that I wasn't aware of was Internet expenses, which to me doesn't make sense

I saw that my starting salary was a lot, but as time progressed, my income gradually declined. I was able to chose the job I wanted.


I have made a decision that I would maybe try out a physician or a surgeon job, but that's uncertain. This project did make me view my own parents differently with their income and expenses. This project did change my attitude towards school and my grades

I feel that college is very important in multiple jobs and people's livelihoods. I would want to go to college and study my hardest to pass any test

Even though I would or maybe, not be a physician or a surgeon, I would make a list of possible job opportunities.