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Max Vadenberg

Published on Jan 02, 2016

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Max Vadenberg

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  • Max was a jewish man on the run from the germans
  • He loved his mama, and nothing more..
  • He also loved his freedom
Photo by zilverbat.


  • Max desired to be like any other german. FREE.
  • He wanted his mother, but kept his chin up.
  • He wanted to be safe
  • He wanted the war to be over, and let humanity be humanity.
Photo by @Doug88888


  • He wanted to find Hans Hubermann to hide from the Germans
  • safety was important
  • Not being caught by the Nazis was also his motive.
  • Surviving the war


  • Max was a brave man, willing to help in need
  • No matter how hard life hit him, he always got back up
  • He was strong at heart
  • Kindness was his being
  • Found light in darkness
  • Was a friend to Liesel


  • Although max was uplifting, there were times he fell down.
  • He longed for his mother, and felt sorrow for her.
  • The thought of being caught was unsettling to him.
  • What was going on in that time period, was sad for people, and what they have become.
Photo by kevin dooley

"If Your Eyes Could Speak,

  • What would they say?"
Photo by teachandlearn