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My Visual Tour of Chp 71, Inferno

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Dan Brown wrote Inferno,

I will show you the visual locations in Chap 71

View of pillar with winged lion in St. Mark's

Photo by Sue Elias

Second Pillar with St. Theodore's slain dragon

Saint Mark's Bones Stolen?

St Mark's Clock Tower

In Moonraker, James Bond thru the villain off Clock

Photo by ell brown

Lilting violins for Robert Langdon and Sienna

Photo by Rob Young

St. Mark's Basilica

Photo by Sue Elias

Stolen from Turkey, The Horses of St. Mark

Photo by HockeyholicAZ

The Tetrarchs, a purple porphyry carving

Photo by fossilmike

Masks of Venice. Do you see a plague mask?

Visual Tour of Chp 71, Inferno, by Dan Brown