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Opinion and Conclusion

Published on Nov 27, 2015

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Opinion and Conclusion

To Kill A Mocking Bird
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You never know the ending to a story, once you begin it. You never the the climax and hardships on the very first page. In fact the fist page is only the beginning, where it all started. The first page to the very last of, To Kill A Mocking Bird, are eye opening. Showing you the true hardships of whites and blacks in the 1960's period. During the great depression and the march toward freedom. Though it does not clearly state those events in detail, it does touch on what they had to deal with.

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To Kill A Mocking Bird in my opinion was one of my favorite books. Describing through out the book what different types of racial prejudice blacks had to go through. It was truly an eye opening book. I was intrigued by the stories way of showing how unfair the black man was treated. As if being lesser then the human race. I was also surprised by the ending of the book, when Tom Robinson was convicted guilty for a crime that truly showed he was innocent.

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I can relate to this book because through out the book Jem and Scout go on many adventures, even to Boo Radley's house. And like them, i love to adventure and create new stories every day. I can also relate to the problems of that time period, because though with different races, today we face the discrimination of Christians in the middle east, being executed and wrongly tried. It was blacks then and Christians now. Though i personally do not know what it feels like to feel discriminated, I do know what its like to watch them from afar not being able to help.

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Overall I loved this book! It was truly and inspirational and eye opening book. I also loved how it described perfectly the hardships of racism and the black mans rights. I do recommended this book to all.

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